VAAPA Leadership

President Mr. Tân Lê
Treasurer Mrs. Holly Lê
Board Secretary and Web Designer Ms. Thảo Nguyễn
Mathcounts   Mr. Trung Tạ
Operator and Entertainment Mr. Kevin Phạm
Video/Photography Coordinator Mr. Henri Trần

Advisory Board 
Ms. Ana Vũ Boeing Employee
Mr. Andy Lê Former President, Boeing Employee
Mr. Bắc Nguyễn Boeing Employee
Mr. Chiểu Paul Nguyễn Former President, Boeing Employee
Mr. Trung Tạ  Raytheon Employee


President's Message:

It is my great honor and privilege to serve as the new President of the Vietnamese- American Aerospace Peer Association (VAAPA). VAAPA is a non-profit organization that cultivates, supports, and engages its membership in community service to promote and inspire Youth interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


As a child, I was infatuated with all things related to space and flying; little did I know that I would one day play a part at such incredible companies that build airplanes, satellites, space capsules, rockets, and space stations.  To this date, I have worked in the Space and Aerospace industry for 35 years working at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, General Dynamics, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing.


At VAAPA, it is our mission to inspire future generations of innovators, explorers, and dreamers. We have a rich history of giving back to our local community and we hope this experience will inspire young generation to learn and grow in their own STEM knowledge and aspirations.


Our VAAPA members mostly consist of Engineers and Scientists. It is our goal to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the younger generations, sharing our passions, experiences, and vast knowledge. Our top priority this year is to increase mentorship opportunities to bridge the gap between our members and younger generations. In addition to continue organizing the annual Mathcounts and All Girls Math Tournament (AGMT) for middle school students, we also plan to have small teams of VAAPA scientists and engineers to visit the middle and high school to talk about engineering, perform demonstrations, and share our love for engineering and the work we do to promote STEM to the next generation of future engineers and scientists.


Please join us in our quest to inspire the youth and contact us directly to volunteer for these amazing events. You truly are more influential than you realize and your well of knowledge, experience, and encouragement can and will make the differences to the younger generation.


We look forward to continue to growth and achieve great things with you in 2019 and beyond.


Thank you for all of your support,


Andy Le
VAAPA President